Sunday, September 17, 2017

Death Season 7 Compilation - Accepting Submissions

Darker Days Ahead - Death Season 7 Compilation. Accepting Submissions.
It will be released on October 31st, 2017.

If you would like to submit a track email us at darkerdaysaheadmn at yahoo dot com

We are interested in anything Ambient, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Harsh Noise, Harsh Noise Wall, Power Electronics, Drone, and other various Experimental Noise.

Here are this year’s submission rules:
-Must be exclusive and unreleased material
-No more than 6 mins long
-Minimal rhythm/beat based.
-Include contact info/band info in email to be included in artwork (if desired)
-Send MP3's or Wave files through email or CDr/Cassette through snail mail (email for address)

-Compilation will be released in physical format (CDr)
-This album will be available for free download

All tracks submitted will be reviewed before confirmation.
You can submit as many tracks as you’d like until one is confirmed.

Email us for any additional questions.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Oversea Shipping Prices Reduced!

Good news oversea buyers, we have found a way to ship oversea orders at almost half the price now! All oversea shipping prices have been reduced and is now based on weight, no more flat rates! We have been shipping oversea items for as little as $4 USD. 

New distro items have been added as well, continue checking here for new distro items:

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Gridfailure - Scathed CDr

DDA:45 Gridfailure - Scathed CDr

In the trenches of toxic waste floats up Gridfailure’s “Scathed”. Almost an hour of extremely powerful and well composed harsh noise mixed with distressed power electronics and ominous industrial soundscapes. As the boiling nuclear water stares back at you, your lungs will start to burn with the enflamed richness of feedback and screaming geiger counters. The radioactive apocalypse is upon us…breathe deep and accept what the world has become.

White stamped double black CDr comes with high quality artwork in a spray painted poly sleeve.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Death Season 6 Compilation CDr

DDA:44 Death Season 6 Compilation CDr

After many reasons for delay that has plagued this compilation from coming out, it has finally arrived! Darker Days Ahead is excited to release its sixth installment of “Death Season”. This compilation brings you over an hour of dark ambient, death industrial and harsh noise tracks from 14 different artists from around the world. From low rumbling textures to out of control static, as with every Death Season compilation, this disc has a little bit of everything. Rebirth has not yet arrived; let this soundtrack remind you that no matter what season, death is always right around the corner.

Double sided black CDr comes in a standard jewel case.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Emerge/B.P./Nick Shutter/Volcanic Queen - Reflections Relating To The Worth of One's Own Body c54

DDA:43 Emerge/B.P./Nick Shutter/Volcanic Queen - Reflections Relating To The Worth of One's Own Body C54

Darker Days Ahead is very proud to finally present this amazing split between 4 amazing artists from around the world. This split has a little bit of everything ranging from minimal dark ambient to raging static going into field recordings and a sonic storm of harsh noise ending in a beautifully composed ambient track. This split is filled with textures of unsettling sounds and is arranged in such an ominous fashion that will leave your body drained after its full presentation.

Ocean blue cassette is packaged inside a black & clear zip lock bag with destroyed newspaper clippings. Limited to 25 copies.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cory Schumacher - Allergic To Life CDr

DDA:41 Cory Schumacher - Allergic To Life CDr

Cory Schumacher offers another harsh installment with “Allergic To Life”. This album is full of pure chaotic static, glitch like cuts, and insane volume that is completely unpredictable and ever changing. Fueled by severe anxiety this album is anything but soothing to the ears. As the sharp as glass noise cuts in and out of the mix the listener could easily become disoriented in the unforgivable amount of metal abuse. As the unsettling patient is lead through a nightmare of delusions he is eventually abandoned as no cure existed.

Glossy white black stamped CDr comes in a clear poly sleeve with high quality artwork.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Saturn Form Essence - Planetary Mine 34825D-19 CDr

DDA:42 - Saturn Form Essence - Planetary Mine 34825D-19 CDr

Darker Days Ahead is excited to announce the newest release from Saturn Form Essence. “Planetary Mine 34825D-19” brings you through the darkest and deepest ends of the universe drilling through the blackest caves of an unknown planet. The unearthly drone carries you through this exploration with a great sense of uncertainty weaving in and out with every extract as you slowly descend deeper and deeper underground.

Spray painted black CDr come packaged inside a gold foil reseal able bag with cover and a mysterious mineral extract. Limited to 25 copies.